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Raveena Tandon releases a new book “Who is Revathi Roy?”, an inspiring story of Rags to Riches to Revolution written by Dr. Swati Lodha, published by Publishing Infinity

by Suman Gupta

May 2019, Mumbai: Some stories must be told as they can transform any life they touch. Such is the life story of serial entrepreneur Revathi Roy, effectively turned into a biography “Who is Revathi Roy?” by Dr. Swati Lodha and published by an upcoming publishing house, Publishing Infinity (PI). The biography was launched by actor Raveena Tandon and Samina Vaziralli, Executive Vice Chairperson, CIPLA amongst an august gathering of people from different walks of Revathi’s life.

The launch of the book at Crossword, Kemps Corner was preceded by an interest- ing discussion between the author Dr. Swati Lodha & the subject, Revathi Roy which was insightfully moderated by Mr. Sourav Majumdar, Editor, Fortune Maga- zine.

In the words of the author, Dr. Swati Lodha, “As an author, it is a pleasure and a privilege to weave a transformational story that can stand any test of time. Re- vathi Roy’s story is a masterclass in ‘how to use grit and glee to galvanise your life. Revathi Roy is semi famous, entrepreneurially famous, not celebrity famous. Hence, the book is titled ‘Who is Revathi Roy?’, a google search question – popping in the heads of people while picking this book, and answered – on reading it. Re- vathi’s story is predictable in the cliched sense, keeping it relatable. But wait, it is breathtaking in the phoenix sense, turning it phenomenal. This is the journey of an Indian woman who traversed from a privileged child to a protected partner to a penalised prisoner to a exponential entrepreneur. In other words, a riches to rags to revolution story.”

Revathi’s revelry and resilience will inspire each reader to aim for something more than a cookie – cutter life, to let the creativity flow and to fail well. Revathi’s is an action story, packed with decisions – right, not so right and wrong. These decisions would enable the readers to navigate their lives better. Revathi’s is a riveting sto- ry, loaded with fun and love – easy, not so easy and tough. These emotions would enthral the readers to lower their guard and live fluidly.

‘Driving cars’ has been an undying passion for Revathi. Driving has defined and re- fined her life, constantly. Hence, the chapters of the book are titled as ‘The Seat- belt’, ‘The Ignition’, ‘The Speed-breaker’ and so on.

“I decided to share my story to motivate all the women who wish to change their lives,” said a visibly emotional Revathi Roy at the launch of her biography.

“It is a delight to be a part of Revathi’s journey who is synonymous with women empowerment,” said Raveena Tandon, the noted actor while releasing the book.

“The story is truly inspirational about resilience against all odds,” said Samina Vaziralli, Executive Vice Chairperson, CIPLA while expressing her delight at the launch of the book.
The book will inspire every reader to push the envelope of their lives, higher & deeper. This book will ignite every reader’s imagination to move beyond the boundaries. This book will warn every reader to be little discreet in decision mak- ing and financial planning. The diva of ‘driving’ is ‘driving change’ today. She is ac- celerating on the road of life from surviving to thriving with a steady smile.

About Revathi Roy :Revathi Roy is an ‘Exponential Entrepreneur’ who has raised three businesses and three sons. A TDS rally driver by passion, she turned her passion to drive into her mission of driving change for women.Her first venture FORSHE was born out of her intent to create a fleet of women taxi drivers, a first of its kind. Fate hit her hard, but she has always steered the wheel of her life at her own will.

A recipient of many awards, such as; The Women of Excellence by FICCI FLO, The Femina Women Jury Award for Social Impact, Women Icons Award at Singapore, NITI AYOG for starting Asia’s first women taxi service, Women of Worthiness Award, among others. She also featured on the cover page of Forbes India’s first WPower Women Trailblazers Issue.Today she is empowering over 400 women across 6 states in the country.

About Dr. Swati Lodha

Dr. Swati Lodha, currently CEO of Publishing Infinity, is an author of Amazon # 1 Bestseller books titled “54 Reasons Why Parents Suck and Phew!” (2018) and “Don’t Raise Your Children, Raise Yourself” (2016) and other Bestselling Books like “Why Women are What They Are” (2004) and “Come On! Get Set Go” (2002)

A Doctorate in Women Entrepreneurship, she is passionate about creativity and in- novation. She has been Dean, Faculty of Management Studies, Jodhpur National University (JNU) and Director, Aditya Institute of Management Studies and Research (AIMSR), Mumbai.

Her witty and unabashed take on parenting in 54 Reasons Why Parents Suck and Phew, is one of the reasons why Revathi chose Swati to write her book- Who is Re- vathi Roy?

About Publishing Infinity :The PI Team- Satyajit Roy, Raachyeta Sharma, and Dr. Swati Lodha, is committed to publish inspirational stories and create valuable content for their readers.Publishing Infinity is a boutique non-fiction book publishing house which specializes in autobiographies and biographies of Industry leaders across sectors.The publishing house aims to start with a twin series- Life Bytes from Young achievers/strivers and Life Lessons from seasoned stalwarts of the industry.Along with publishing books in physical and e-book formats, Publishing Infinity in- tends to create a new format of reading called PI Books. The PI Books format al- lows for integration of company as well as personal pages (across social media platforms) to create a narrative that is completely immersive and engaging for the reader.

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