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Eco-Ganpati this time and Worship Wisely Social Campaign executed by Orienta Cine Advertising as a part of their CSR activity

by Suman Gupta

Every celebration comes with a responsibility. It should make us more sensitive towards our environment, society and the other species, we are sharing this planet with.

Ganpati is the most awaited festival of the year, especially in Maharashtra. People celebrate this festival with full life and enthusiasm. But one thing that really leaves a big question for all of us post celebration is, do we really care for the environment in true sense?

POP (plaster of paris) Ganpati idols made with harmful chemicals and painted with poisonous colors damage the water bodies and the water species to a large extent. Yes we see many NGO’s, celebrities coming up post Ganpati for the clean-up drives.

But why to wait or awake post the event/ damage?

Keeping this thought in mind, Orienta cine advertising, as a part of their corporate social responsibility executed a large size social campaign in entire Mumbai- “ Eco Ganpati this time and Worship Wisely”.

The Intend of the campaign was to educate people before they book or buy their Ganpati and persuade them to buy eco-friendly Ganpati this year.

The agenda was loud and clear- “To prevent the damage before it occurs”

As a part of this social campaign, Orienta advertising promoted the message of Eco- Ganpati and Worship Wisely using various media mix.  From digital campaigns to on ground activities to OOH advertising in entire Mumbai.

Outdoor Advertising– Large format Hoardings, Billboards, Gantries, Bus shelters were used to promote the message of eco -Ganpati this time and Worship Wisely. These hoardings were strategically placed at various prominent locations in Mumbai that nobody could have managed to ignore.

On-Ground- Mud Ganpati embedded with seeds were distributed to all the Orienta employees across India to promote Eco-Ganpati, the thought was to grow him in your house with you, rather than putting him in polluted water. Not only this, three day workshop on making Eco Ganpati was conducted for all the head office employees. People learnt how to make Ganpati and how to do visarjan in a most sensible way.

Digital Platform– A beautiful nostalgic video was created, depicting the harm to the environment post Ganpati visarjan. The message was rigorously promoted thru postings across each social media platforms. The video was highly promoted and generated great numbers of views, shares and engagements

Being a leading advertising company, Orienta Cine advertising used its full potential and medium to promote the message for this sensitive cause.

“Vasudev kutumbakam- The world is our family and we all belong to one. We as human should feel our responsibility for other creatures existing on this planet.  Celebration today should not be a liability for tomorrow. Let’s be little more sensitive. Let’s be more aware. Let’s share with love” – Ketan Lakhani – Director, Orienta Cine Advertising.

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