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2018: A Growth Story for Kingston Technology

by Suman Gupta

  • Gained over 60% market share in DRAM memory Market
  • Achieved over 22% market share for SSDs in Channel Market
  • Accomplished 80% of reduced turnaround time in Customer Service

Kingston Technology, the largest manufacturer of memory and storage products, continues to achieve excellence by creating new industry benchmarks with constant focus on innovation, discipline and the commitment of delivering an amazing experience to customers. With over 60% market sharefor DRAM memory and over 22% market share for SSDs in Channel Market, Kingston Technology continues to be the leading manufacturer of Storage and Memory products globally. Ithas become a dominant force among consumers, enterprises and corporate organizations, for new systems and for system infrastructure upgrades. Kingston Technology provides memory and secure storage solutions that work together to give amore complete solution for servers, corporates and even SMEs. With their knowledge and expertise, Kingston Technology has helped businesses in managing a smooth transition and becomefuture proof in the era of digitalization.Currently,the company has more than 2,000 products in its portfolio including flash storage, servers, and embedded solutions which are used in more than 20000 systems.With embedded solutions, the company is further aiming to significantly reduce the design-in complexity in products, shorten the qualification cycle and enhance the system performance at an affordable cost. This division is quickly becoming a core part of Kingston’s overall business as embedded memorysolutions can be found in products as diverse as smart watches, fitness bracelets, digital signage,smart appliances, slot machines, smart beds and tableside machines in restaurants where you can order, pay or play games. In coming years, it is expected thatmost digital devices would have a Kingston’sembedded solutions integrated in it.

The success mantra of Kingston could largely be attributed to delivering a best-in-class quality proposition tothe customers at a value price without compromising on After sales services.Apart from developing top notch technology, the company has also taken purposeful efforts in enhancing the customer service and achieved 80% of reduced turnaround time, low lead time and has initiated a personalized service to handpick products from customers and deliver it to their service centres.In 2018, the brand has alsobegun several initiatives to understand the end user better creating a positive vibe for thepartners and customers across the country.Soon, the company will stick to providing a better experience to the users and making reliability as the cornerstone of the product strategy to maintain a long-term relationship with customers and partners.

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