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Google Launches New AdWords Experience

By Suman Gupta

Mumbai, October 12, 2017: With the aim of providing a faster and more intuitive AdWords for advertisers to reach their business goals, Google India has launched an all new AdWords experience. Starting today, the innovations in AdWords will help businesses reach their customers in a more effective and faster way.  The new adWords experience will load pages faster—on average, 20% faster—so that the information needed is accessed instantly.

When we first announced the rollout, Jerry Dischler, Vice President of Product Management, AdWords said, $B!H(BSince introducing AdWords 15 years ago, we$B!G(Bve seen a fundamental change in the way people find what they want, when they want it. We now use multiple devices throughout the day, and watch more videos and visit more websites and apps than ever before. This rise in complexity has created the need to reimagine AdWords, and over the past year, our product teams have been thinking hard about how we can make AdWords as relevant for the next 15 years as the first 15. With the new AdWords, there is less clutter and more intuitive workflows, allowing advertisers to now quickly make the changes that will move their business forward.$B!I(B

Aiming to remove clutter, making navigation a breeze and giving more reasons for people to click,  Google has launched a number of new features – extensions, ༯span>call bid adjustments and the $B!H(BLanding pages$B!I(B page built exclusively for the new experience.
$B!|(B        Extensions enhances valuable information such as links, phone numbers or promotions. Globally, with new design and layout, customers like iProspect North have saved 30% more time on average when completing everyday tasks
$B!|(B        $B!F(BCall bid adjustments$B!G(B allow advertisers to control how often the call option appears with your search ads. Call bid adjustments, available exclusively in the new AdWords experience, can be used to increase bids on campaigns that drive valuable phone calls.
$B!|(B        $B!F(BLanding pages$B!G(B page to help you see how your landing pages are performing. On this new page, advertisers will be able to identify which URLs in their account are mobile-friendly, which ones drive the most sales, and which ones may require attention.

To get familiar with the new experience, take the guided tour. To find what you need, how to videos are here to help you navigate, and the AdWords Help Center has been updated with all the latest features. Please visit the Best Practices guide for recommendations and tips on how to make the most of the new experience.

About Google India Private Limited:
Google India Private Limited (Google India) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Google LLC.  It is engaged in the business of marketing & selling advertisement space and rendering Information Technology (IT) and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES).

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