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Veteran artist Haroon Khimani unveils his latest exhibition ‘Descent’

by Suman Gupta

Mumbai August, 2017:   In an exciting solo exhibition, veteran artist Haroon Khimani launched his latest work ‘Decent’ at Jehangir art gallery Kala Godha. The exhibition was inaugurated by the eminent artist‘ Prabhakar Kolte and Guest of Honor Mr. Ravindra Maredia (Art hub- ICAC) . His new collection is the contemporary retrospective Visual Art Exhibition that explores the fundamental existential dilemma of destruction and recreation and gradually steeped into potential energy of rebuilding.

Young hearted and high spirited Mr. Khimani came out of his closet after 40 years of trial. At the age of 83, he has not surrendered his dream and passion and for someone like Haroon Khimani, he is busy fulfilling his dreams these days.

In Khimani’ s paintings nature acts as a back drop that determines human fate. Everything is in a flux. Ultimately the desperate elements form a whole and add to the tempo of narrative .The portrayal emanates, from chaotic images, twisted shadowy figures and collapsing order of this universe which borders on understanding of life. Out of chaos there is promise of regeneration on a higher level of existence. While unveiling the exhibition Mr. Khimani explained, “There is an ethical side to Nature which borders between Being and Nothingness. That inspires me the most. For the artist, it is a chance to step inside their own creations, to appear in a visual story and establish an interaction. Creating a super sensual existence on the canvass is an intense personal experience.  In my paintings, you will seefallen buildings, broken homes, twisted steel grotesque forms butit doesnot distract from the focus of my message about hope and degenerationof narrative.”

Mr. Khimani’s paintings will be displayed in a weeklong exhibition from 1st of August to 7th August 2017 from 11am to 7pm at Jehangir art gallery.

His next showcase is at Multi cultural Arts Centre, Boston, USA.

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